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Saturday, April 20, 2019
Tooth Ache? Ease The Pain Naturally
Mood:  energetic
Topic: Healthy Tips

Tooth Ache? Ease The Pain Naturally

By Priestess Kandi Ranson

Get Whole Cloves from the spice aisle where ever you shop or stop. 1 (one) Clove'll do ya! Put the whole clove in your mouth gently. Bite the little flower off of the top with a part of your mouth that does not hurt. 

There are 4 points that hold the flower onto the stalk of the clove. When I bite the flower off I will bite off these 4 sharp corners at the same time. You will want to refrain from irritating or further damaging the affected area as much as possible so eliminating these tines will help.

As soon as you bite that flower off you are going to begin to feel a numbing sensation happening on any part of the inside surfaces of your mouth the inside of the flower touches. Keep the pieces together as much as possible.

Spread the broken pieces of the Whole Dried Clove across the affected area in an even layer. With your tongue.  

Be Gentle When you place the clove pieces across your swollen or sore gums.   Dried cloves are very hard. The clove stem can cut through the gum at the affected area.  This opens your mouth up to more bacteria getting in there and worsening your condition.

Leave on the afflicted area until you feel comfortable enough to remove it.
It is not recommended that you would swallow that clove after you have just numbed and helped to draw some of the infected puss out of your gums and Into the Clove. SPIT THAT OUT WHEN YOU ARE DONE.  

Peroxide will boil the little pieces out to the surface to reduce the chances of little pieces remaining too long or left to cut the gum. Peroxide will help get rid of germs and bacteria in your whole mouth.

Use one cap full hydrogen peroxide to gently to wash the clove from your mouth. Let sit on the affected area for a few seconds then spit out clove with peroxide. Swish peroxide and water around in your mouth. Spit out.

Rinse well with water.

Use one cap hydrogen peroxide to rinse with again, this time to rinse all your gums. Be sure that you do not swallow any.  

Rinse with water well.


Do this 2 times a day. You should actually notice that any puss in the pocket will be naturally “lanced” by the clove, and that the infection is now leaving,  just as if it were a big ole puss filled zit. 

Try never to swallow any puss or drainage from a puss pocket. It is infection. Do you really want it all through your body? No! I didn't think so. Spit that Out and rinse with one cap full of hydrogen peroxide and water.

It is NOT recommended that you excessively reposition the clove pieces after you have them in place. This can cause damage from the still hard clove.  If possible do not speak at all. Just hold your mouth in its natural position. Don't play with it with your tongue.

Be Gentle when brushing around the affected area, but do brush it. The reason its like that is because of the bacteria that built up under your gum line, near your jaw bone.

After your mouth has healed it is a great idea to replace your tooth brush. There may be infectious bacteria in your old one which may reinfect your mouth in other areas. 

In a few minutes I hope you have discovered enough relief that you forgot it was in there and are just living life! Bright Blessings.

NOTE: There is a clove oil sold over the counter in the pharmacy section. This is usually with tooth ailment treatments are sold. This oil is so Concentrated that it can damage your nerve endings if you aren't careful This is one reason I wrote this. To share this knowledge with you.

PS: When a kid is teething: early first teeth  you should actually pop off the flower with your fingers and gently rub that along the gum line.

Disclaimer: This is not to be used to replace any medical advice or attention. This is a natural healing process method which has proven to aid with easing discomfort of tooth pain, healing and rid the puss pockets under teeth by Priestess Kandi Ranson.


Healing time of A cut gum will depend on your own immune system. Always factor in other pressing health issues which may have compromised your immune system and / or Medications you may be taking.  Consult your physician independently. 


Knowledge is Power, Yet Even More Powerful when shared. ~Priestess Kandi Ranson 


My goal is to Enlighten minds, Open hearts & Create World Peace.


Posted by psychicpriestesskandiranson at 10:43 PM EDT
Updated: Saturday, April 20, 2019 11:55 PM EDT
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Do Not Dehydrate Eat Your Water
Mood:  energetic
Topic: Healthy Tips

Do Not Dehydrate Eat Your Water

by Priestess Kandi Ranson


Do you, or someone you know, drink 8 or more glasses of water a day, but still become dehydrated anyway? That's because it is healthier and much more substantial to "Eat" a larger amount of your Daily Water Intake, than try to drink it.


When we drink lots of water we are literally flushing the vitamins and minerals out of our body. The water you are consuming is flowing straight through your body and not being absorbed into your blood stream to where your body needs it to be.


Eating foods high in water content helps your body process the water you need in the proper ways. In High water content fruits and vegetables the water is attached to the vitamin and mineral molecules which are actually absorbed into your body and not flushed out in your urinary tract.


Get back to your roots. Raw organic fruits and veggies with high water content is available to you year around. If you want to help your body to maintain healthy levels of vitamins, minerals and water content eat the foods that give it to you.


There are many local farms which grow organic foods for sale locally. You can see "Certified Organic" signs at the farmers markets on those farm booths if have any available in your area.


The "Green" Walmarts were developed in South Carolina to open when Nikki Haley signed a bill allowing local farms to sell local foods to local grocery stores. The do have organic foods available. Many of which are locally grown. If you do not live in South Carolina I hope you have this type of store available for you in your local area.


NOTE: People say "I can't afford organic".
I remind people that Buying Locally Grown Organic keeps you healthier. Not buying organic makes and keeps you ill. People who eat more organics are less likely to become ill. Becoming ill costs much more in the medical bills, in long run, than what they think the difference in price is for organic food. Basically Consuming Organic is like a Real Health Insurance Policy, ensuring your Health.


NOTE: Bottled water is not as "Safe" or "Healthy" as it is advertised to be. These products are processed using Bleach and Strychnine to "Purify" the water. (I'm not even going to go into what that does to your body) If you could actually test the bottled water you are drinking you are going to find it is not any better than your tap water. As a matter of fact Many different companies just fill the bottles with tap water.


The Plastic Bottles contain bisphenol-A (or BPA), and other chemicals, which are absorbed into your water. Not only have these chemicals been proven to be positively linked to causing cancer and other health issues, but dehydration.


Filtered water in reusable glass bottles is the best thing you can drink for yourself. Does your refrigerator have a water dispenser with a water filter in it? Keep that filter properly up to date to use this for your drinking and cooking water source.


There are whole home water filters available out there which may be installed as well. Not all filters are the same. Some do better jobs than others. Do your homework to ensure your filters are doing as good a job as you need them to.


Priestess Kandi has studied Food Science and Homeopathy since she was a small child.

Consult with Priestess Kandi Ranson for guidance and enlightenment in various areas of your life.


My goal is to Enlighten minds, Open hearts & Create World Peace.


Posted by psychicpriestesskandiranson at 7:54 PM EDT
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Thursday, September 22, 2016
Now Playing: Mabon

Happy Mabon! 

Mabon is a harvest festival, which is the second of three, that encourages us to “reap what we sow,” both literally and figuratively.

It is the time when night and day stand equal in duration; thus is it a time to express gratitude, complete projects and honor a moment of balance.


Bon fires are often a hit during the celebrations. It's always nice to gather together with good friends and some musical instruments to make merriment.


 Thinking of all the little things and living in gratitude of them will help us to appreciate the bigger things. 


 Somehow many people have gotten away from, or forgotten that having a home to live in, electricity, hot and cold running water inside your home, along with an indoors camode are not entitlements. These may seem like every day things. In reality we work very hard just to provide for our basic needs. Being grateful for them is a must!


 What else are you grateful for? 


Posted by psychicpriestesskandiranson at 9:44 PM EDT
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Saturday, December 7, 2013
Mood:  celebratory
Now Playing: Look Inside Yourself by Tim Allen's Blues Time
Topic: Reasons To Celibrate

Meet Priestess Kandi Ranson

Dec 2nd New Moon Musing

Discover Podcasting Internet Radio with Psychic Priestess Kandi Ranson on BlogTalkRadio

Posted by psychicpriestesskandiranson at 3:19 PM EST
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Saturday, November 30, 2013
Meet Psychic Priestess Kandi Ranson
Mood:  celebratory
Topic: Q & A



I started my own personal Radio Show Check it out here



Posted by psychicpriestesskandiranson at 1:59 PM EST
Updated: Saturday, November 30, 2013 2:05 PM EST
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Looking To The StarZ for Assistance
Mood:  energetic
Now Playing: Look Inside Yourself By Tim Allen's Blues Time
Topic: Q & A

When you are seeking to know what your future holds most people look to the StarZ for guidance. StarZ Psychics are a hand picked group of authentic, genuine and the most pleasant diverse community of Advisors you will ever want to meet. It is the Internet’s leading Psychic community! But There is much more.


One of the best things about the StarZ Psychics is the wide variety and excelent value of services offered site wide. Not all Advisors are astrologers, and not all Advisors can connect with those in the beyond. There are StarZ who specialize in homeopathic living and life Coaching. Some other StarZ have studied Astrology for decades. You will find StarZ whom have mastered the arts of combining Astronomy, Astrology and natural empathy to help guide you along your path. There are lightworkers and Some of the StarZ have even assisted in finding missing persons and solving criminal cases.


No matter what kind of knowledge you are seeking you are sure to find Honest Enlightenment among the StarZ. They are EZ to connect with using your web browser at . Start with 5 minutes Free. Browse the many StarZ and see which ones jumps out at you.



Our Emporium is jam packed with helpful items and services offered by our community of Hand ChoZen StarZ. See all the jems here:

StarZ Psychics is the Parent of Planet StarZ and Mystic Living Magazine a community effort publication. Written by our StarZ. Each issue has helpful tips and information to help bring joy to your world. You can read that here: Visit Planetstarz here


Once A week you can join us live at StarZ Psychic Network Radio On Blog Talk Radio Here:

Each week we cover a different topic, which we invite you to join us in the discussions. Log into your Free Blog Talk Radio Account to interact with our Live Chat Community during the live broadcast.

Each episode has a dedicated time to allow you to call in or chat in private and get a mini reading FREE from one of our StarZ on staff in our Radio Community.

We have groups to interact with our StarZ in several places online, to best suit your needs.
StarZ Psychics group At Yahoo:

StarZ Psychics group At Google:!forum/planetstarz/join

StarZ Psychics group At Facebook

Like StarZ Psychics Facebook Page:

Stalk StarZ Psychics on Twitter:

I'd like to let you know that I am a World Renowned Accurate, Hand Chozen @StarzPsychics Medium Available here

Posted by psychicpriestesskandiranson at 1:49 PM EST
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Tuesday, February 7, 2012
Enjoy the Full Moon after Imbolc!
Some Native American - Full Snow Moon;

Colonial American - Trapper's Moon;

Chinese - Budding Moon;

American Indian (Cherokee) - Bony Moon;

American Indian (Choctaw) - Little Famine Moon;

American Indian (Dakotah Sioux) - Moon of the Raccoon, Moon When Trees Pop;

Celtic - Moon of Ice;

English Medieval - Snow Moon; New Guinea - Parriotfish Moon





Need Clarity or Guidance? Priestess Kandi Ranson is a World Renowned To Be Accurate Natural Born Psychic Medium & I'm here for you too!

online psychic readingonline psychic reading

Posted by psychicpriestesskandiranson at 9:39 PM EST
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How to be a Real Buddhist through Observance?
Mood:  celebratory
Now Playing: Don't Look Down by Gabbie Rae
Topic: Reasons To Celibrate

Navam Poya day is the full-moon of February. This sacred day celebrates
the ordination of the Buddha Gotama's main disciples Sāriputta and
MahāMoggallāna. On this day Buddha also later decides his Parinibbāna.

The death moment of the Buddha, where he enters Nibbāna (Sanskrit Nirvāna)...!

On such Full-Moon Uposatha Poya Observance days:
Any Lay Buddhist simply joins the Three Refuges and undertakes the
Five Precepts like this: Newly bathed, shaved, white-clothed, with clean
bare feet, one kneels at a shrine with a Buddha-statue, and bows first
three times, so that feet, hands, elbows, knees & head touch the floor.
Then, with joined palms at the heart, one recites these memorized lines
a loud, calm & steady voice:

As long as this life lasts:
I hereby take refuge in the Buddha.  
I hereby take refuge in the Dhamma.
I hereby take refuge in the Sangha.
I hereby seek shelter in the Buddha for the 2nd time.
I hereby seek shelter in the Dhamma for the 2nd time.
I hereby seek shelter in the Sangha for the 2nd time.
I hereby request protection from the Buddha for the 3rd time.
I hereby request protection from the Dhamma for the 3rd time.
I hereby request protection from the Sangha for the 3rd time.

I will hereby respect these Three Jewels the rest of my life!

I accept to respect & undertake these 5 training rules: 
I hereby accept the training rule of avoiding all Killing.
I hereby accept the training rule of avoiding all Stealing.
I hereby accept the training rule of avoiding all Sexual Abuse.
I hereby accept the training rule of avoiding all Dishonesty.
I hereby accept the training rule of avoiding all Alcohol & Drugs.

As long as this life lasts, I am thus protected by these 5 precepts... 

Then, one keeps and protects these sacred vows better than one's
eyes & children!, since they protect you & all other beings much
better than any army! They are the highest offer one can give in & to
world! So is the start towards Nibbāna: The Deathless Element!
This is the Noble Way to Peace, to Freedom, to Ease, to Happiness,
by Morality, developed further by Dhamma-Study and
fulfilled by training of Meditation...

Navam Poya day relic parade at Gangaramaya Temple, Colombo.

Today indeed is Pooya or Uposatha or observance day, where any lay
normally keeps even the Eight Precepts from sunrise until the
next dawn... If any wish an official recognition by the Bhikkhu-Sangha,
may simply forward the lines starting with "I hereby ..." signed with
name, date, town, & country to me or join here.  A public list of this new
rapidly growing global Saddhamma-Sangha is set up here!

The New Noble Community of Buddha's Disciples: The Saddhamma Sangha:

Can quite advantageously be Joined Here:

May your journey hereby be light, swift, and sweet. Never give up !!

For Details on The Origin of Uposatha Observance Days:

 Navam Poya Day!

Posted by psychicpriestesskandiranson at 12:36 AM EST
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Tuesday, January 31, 2012
Susan G. Komen for the Cure Foundation Intimidated By Politicians
Mood:  surprised
Now Playing: Don't Look Down by Gabbie Rae
Topic: Today's Influences
I wanted to share some extremely discouraging news from a partner and longtime ally for women's health — news that could have devastating consequences for women in South Carolina.

The Susan G. Komen for the Cure Foundation has announced that it will stop supporting lifesaving breast cancer screening for low-income and underserved women at Planned Parenthood health centers — including those in South Carolina.

It's a deeply disappointing decision — made even more alarming because politically motivated groups and individuals determined to undermine women's access to care appear to have successfully intimidated the Susan G. Komen for the Cure Foundation to withdraw this critical support.

Over the past five years, Komen funds have enabled Planned Parenthood health centers to provide nearly 170,000 clinical breast exams and referrals for more than 6,400 mammograms. These cancer detection and prevention programs saved the lives of women who often had nowhere else to turn for care.

But when anti-choice groups began criticizing the Komen Foundation for partnering with Planned Parenthood, the foundation ended its support for Planned Parenthood health centers. We know our opponents put their ideology over women's health and lives. What we never expected is that an ally like the Komen Foundation would choose to listen to them.

But as troubling as that decision is, it's not what I'm most worried about today. The grants that the Komen Foundation is ending go to Planned Parenthood health centers that provide cancer screenings to women who often have no other place to turn for care. We are determined to make sure that these women can continue to get the care they need — and, as always, that means we are counting on you. 

For almost 100 years, Planned Parenthood health centers have relied on the generosity and compassion of others to deliver care to women, men, and teens. The support of organizations like the Komen Foundation is always appreciated — but people like you are the true heart and soul of Planned Parenthood. If you can, please make an emergency donation today to help us continue to be here for the women in South Carolina.

Women in South Carolina can't afford to be caught up in the heartless campaigns of anti-choice groups and their allies in Congress. I'm counting on you to help us defend their access to care — and to tell those who care more about politics than people that we will not stand for it. Click here to make your emergency gift.

Thank you for all that you do for Planned Parenthood in South Carolina and everyone in our community who relies on us. It means the world to us, truly.

Cecile Richards, President
Planned Parenthood Federation of America
Planned Parenthood Federation of Americavisit
© 2012 Planned Parenthood Federation of America | Privacy Policy | Terms of Use

Posted by psychicpriestesskandiranson at 5:32 PM EST
Updated: Tuesday, January 31, 2012 5:41 PM EST
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Sunday, January 29, 2012
These six things are to be remembered in order to Unite any Community in Harmony: Which six?
Mood:  energetic
Now Playing: Love Is Spiritual by Sista Otis
Topic: Today's Influences
The Blessed Buddha once said:

1: Friendly Behaviour (metta-kaya-kamma=friendly bodily action) both in public & in private.
2: Friendly Speech (metta-vaci-kamma=friendly verbal action) both in public & in private.
3: Friendly Thought (metta-mano-kamma=friendly mental action) both in public & in private.
4: Sharing of Gains (sadharana-bhogi=common wealth) even down to any single lump of food.
5: Moral Harmony (sila-samannagato=uniform morality): All respect the same ethical rules.
6: Harmony in Views (ditthi-samannagato=uniform attitude): All share same general views.
These 6 things are to be considered and remembered both for individual & social Harmony...

So we can sleep with open doors and dance with the children in our arms


Do you need Guidance or Honest Enlightentment? Priestess Kandi Ranson is a Natural Born Psychic Medium who is World renowned to be accurate.

online psychic reading
online psychic reading

Posted by psychicpriestesskandiranson at 1:58 AM EST
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