Feb 18 2011 -  massoud -

Mar 7 2011 -    ThreeStoogeFan -

Mar 7 2011 -    ThreeStoogeFan -

Mar 7 2011 -    ThreeStoogeFan -

Mar 9 2011 -    ThreeStoogeFan -

Mar 9 2011 -    ThreeStoogeFan -

Mar 19 2011 -  bklynbuzz -


Mar 26 2011 - 
kimmysue - - Kandi..Because of you I was able to smile, laugh, and cry with my grandmother on the other side. I felt as though I was directly communicating with her. Bless you Kandi. Because of you, hopefully I will be able to bring to light the wrongs this man did to my grandmother and other people. Our chat just couldn't feel anymore real, and wow you don't know how much you did for me. Thank you so much, although thank you just doesn't seem to even be able to cut it..you are truely amazing. :)


Apr 4 2011 - cathy171 - - a outstanding reading, afew things i was told i have been told by one other person who is a phychic also, . very good reading and alot of information, . i was so sad to hear the outcome of this , but it was almost the same as i was told before by other person phychic also, . kandy is the real deal, she is great with her picture readings and what she see,s with her phychic guieds , i am very sad to hear the outcome of this but as i said i wanted to know about something very inportant and kandi told me the truth, , thank you so much kandi, i would recomend everyone to hire you if the want a true reading on what they want to know , you are the best of the best on here except one or two others ,. live person is lucky to have you on here ,. i would also like to hire you for another picture reading please contact me again, to download photo to you,. blessings to you candy , i will let you know the outcome of this, you,ve been a great help with this ,. cathy c. 1000 stars for you++++++++

Apr 15, 2011 - excellent ranking viva4 - It was my first photo reading. I am in awe with what Kandi has told me. It was a great reading! Thanks:)))

Apr 30, 2011 -  excellent ranking ans2802 - Thanks for your helpful insight Kandi! Great Reading :)

Apr 24 2011 - Spirit Whispers - - Was able to answer everything very quickly without asking any questions. Awesome! Would contact again.
May 2 2011 - daretodream - - good reading sorry ran out of funds would like to have talked more :-)
May 2 2011 - excellent ranking jeany - Really nice lady, very generous with her time.
May 6 2011 - excellent ranking anixon -thank you
May 10 2011 -
Gg09 - Amazing reading; she read two photos for me. Very insightful and her time is a wonderful value. There are two many things to mention here that she was able to pick up on; I'm incredibly impressed. Definitely a "favorite" from this point on. Thanks so much for all of the insight!


May 13 2011 -  wonder -
May 17 2011 -satisfactory ranking a1234 - Thanks
May 24 2011 -
excellent ranking mitchel44 - She gave me so much information just by giving her one single photo. She is truly gifted and I highly recommend her!!! I will definitely be contacting her again.

May 24 2011 - excellent ranking mitchel44 - After she gave me one photo reading I came back...she is so sweet and is willing to help. Again, right on!

Jun 5 2011 -  ravtutor -

Jun 15 2011 - User_95k4mw -

- was hoping for alot more personal details sorry but telling me to think about him and he'll be intouch! I can't stop thinking about him i was hoping you could help a little bit more. Thanks anyway. love and light xx
Jun 24 2011 - cathy171 -

- i have had afew reading from this lady , because she is very good at what she see,s in her face readings, if your looking for a good reading you shuld get her to read for you , you wont find any better on live person than kandi ranson., she,s one of the best if not the best on here , ive been useing live person, for 5 years and ive had alot of readings on here and i can tell you she is very good, . try her and see for your self,. P.S. thank you for the reading kandi, i will hire you again when i want another reading or have quiestions,. cathy c s


Jun 30 2011 - User_nct6zc

- Regarding a natal chart she seemed to work very hard in making sure it was most accurate and I thank her for that.


Jul 27 2011 - ashleesaunders http://www.liveperson.com/images/rating/rate8.gif?3_4_1_08 - great

Jul 27 2011 - RickRock85 - - Great advice...Great reader!!

Jul 26 2011 - ianhooi - - awesome lady, pretty face too

Jul 26 2011 - ianhooi -

Jul 30 2011 - Euphoria2012 -

Jul 24 2011 - JGizmo22 -


Aug 30 2011 -      marcus - - Kandi's gift is unbelievable, she truly sees my situation, and pick up the details that is not general. Thank you so much! : )

Sep 5 2011 -      curious - http://www.liveperson.com/images/rating/rate8.gif?3_4_1_08

Sep 11 2011 -    Frans_s - - we were cut off (: Wow....she is good. Really saw my passion with no info from my side

Sep 20 2011 -    Graceful Transitions -

Sep 22 2011 -    kikikiki1 -

Oct 2 2011 -       excellent ranking imaginaryone - I had a photo reading, it was quite amazing...she was right on about many things


Oct 2 2011 -       bat - - she is simply amazing.. connected with loved one on the other side with positive detailed identification! wow!

Oct 11 2011 -    excellent ranking kellywak - Even though I was given information that hurt it was truthful and helped me clarify me situation. The photo reading picked up on so many points and some of the statements were ones I have heard the person say. Kandi is amazing at what she picks up on.

Oct 15 2011 -    excellent ranking possum - traight to the point, knew with no details given thankyuo recommend to all

Oct 15 2011 -    satisfactory ranking bluey254 - Not sure how to rate.. she seems connected to the other person I was asking about, but did not seems to connect with me...

Oct 16 2011 -    User_w9cct9 -

Oct 16 2011 -    judeee - 5 stars - Thank you for the reading. So wonderful to connect with my beloved..

Oct 17 2011 -    User_w9cct9 -