Possessing the clairvoyance to read people and feel their vibrations; my photo readings Are world renowned and reported to be most accurate.

Want to know what the True past, present and future are for someone?

Is There something you just can't put your finger on in a person?

Photo Reading $25


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Send me A photograph with the only the person you want me to read in the photo. It is important that the photograph be of only the person you want me to read. Photographs of people with other people have more than one energy.

This is why it is important to provide me with a photograph of the person you are asking about, which was photographed alone and is the main subject of the photograph.  I am looking to serve your wishes and only read the person you are asking about.

The person should be looking at the camera and have as much of their body in the photograph as possible. No sun glasses. I will reveal the past, present and future of the person in you photo.



From: cathy171 on Apr 4 2011 - 5 Stars

a outstanding reading, afew things i was told i have been told by one other person who is a phychic also, . very good reading and alot of information, . i was so sad to hear the outcome of this , but it was almost the same as i was told before by other person phychic also, . kandy is the real deal, she is great with her picture readings and what she see,s with her phychic guieds , i am very sad to hear the outcome of this but as i said i wanted to know about something very inportant and kandi told me the truth, , thank you so much kandi, i would recomend everyone to hire you if the want a true reading on what they want to know , you are the best of the best on here except one or two others ,. live person is lucky to have you on here ,. i would also like to hire you for another picture reading please contact me again, to download photo to you,. blessings to you candy , i will let you know the outcome of this, you,ve been a great help with this ,. cathy c. 1000 stars for you++++++++

From: cathy171 on June 21, 2011 - 5 Stars
hi kandi, im cathy 171 on here i dont know if you remember me or not but i contacted you in april about a girl who was missing from the state i live in and i sent you her photo she had on a pink blouse in the photo, her name was phylisia b you gave me a photo reading on her from her photo, i wanted to tell you that you were right about what you seen , they found her in a area of town in water with a falls there, in late april , but they dont know who did this to her who did this to her,or why, . its very sad ,. but i just wanted to thank you ,. anyway back to me id like to get a photo reading on what you see in my life now and the near future.

From: cathy171 on Jun 24 2011 - 5 Stars

i have had afew reading from this lady , because she is very good at what she see,s in her face readings, if your looking for a good reading you shuld get her to read for you , you wont find any better on live person than kandi ranson., she,s one of the best if not the best on here , ive been useing live person, for 5 years and ive had alot of readings on here and i can tell you she is very good, . try her and see for your self,. P.S. thank you for the reading kandi, i will hire you again when i want another reading or have quiestions,.

cathy c s

From: Gg09 on May 10 2011 - 5 Stars

Amazing reading; she read two photos for me. Very insightful and her time is a wonderful value. There are two many things to mention here that she was able to pick up on; I'm incredibly impressed. Definitely a "favorite" from this point on. Thanks so much for all of the insight!

From: rahela on Jan 22 2011 - 5 Stars

omg very gifted most things said was soo accurate she saved my future and my childrens she is one of the best

From: amberes on Feb 06 2011 - 5 Stars

Did a photo reading for me and was very accurate! Thank you very much dear Kandi and I will be back for more..

From: anonymous on Feb 07 2011 - 5 Stars

Kandi did a photo reading for me today and it was very interesting and useful for my situation. I'd recommend one if you're curious about yourself or someone else. Thanks again!

From: viva4 on April 15. 2011 - 5 Stars

It was my first photo reading. I am in awe with what Kandi has told me. It was a great reading! Thanks:)))

From: mitchel44 on May 24, 2011 - 5 Stars

She gave me so much information just by giving her one single photo. She is truly gifted and I highly recommend her!!! I will definitely be contacting her again.

From: mitchel44 on May 24, 2011 - 5 Stars

After she gave me one photo reading I came back...she is so sweet and is willing to help. Again, right on!

From: Jon on 2/10/13
Exceptional connection, honest, and very detailed. Gave a great reading and provided answers to the questions I seeked, as well as giving a glimpse of what may be to come. Very kind and wonderful communicating with.
# of Stars.- 1 Worst - 5 Best : 5

From: aditya On Sat, Mar 09, 2013 10:50 am


# of Stars.- : 4